As a Freelance Copywriter or in a team

Graduated from IHM Business School 1993.
Since then working as a copywriter at Studio Bubblan. Sometimes whith Kari Palmqvist, graphic designer a complete team for smaller missions. Sometimes with other colleagues. And sometimes as freelancer.

Writer with itch to write

Architects and designers, computer-, energy-, textile- and fashioncompanies are among the clients. Activities and brands that Jeanette named are still alive. Each mission is a challenge. There is a satisfaction of finding the values that distinguish one product or service from another. And to formulate them in writing is a joy.
When possible Jeanette writes short stories.
Jeanette Palmqvist
Copywriter DIHM

Mobile: +46 706 035941
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Studio: Lakhallsv 22
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+46 706 035941
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As a Freelance Copywriter or in a team